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What’s this drink???

Too many people suffer from a personal energy crisis. Too tired to do the things that really matter. Too foggy to perform task that used to be easy. Ketosis For Fat Loss was created to help people pursing better find easy to implement tips to feel, perform, and be healthier.

Ketosis issn’t just about fat loss, it is a metabolic state that allows your body to function optimally. Our biggest challenge with the site is the name. I too thought Ketosis was all about fat loss and had no idea the greater impact to EVERYTHING we can do. Improvements in SLEEP, ENERGY, FOCUS, MOOD, MUSCLE PRESERVATION, along with many other benefits can be achieved with this metabolic state. 

Whats even better is improvements in one area typically lead to improvements in other areas. Get better sleep, you have more energy during the day. Increase muscle -> burn more fat. 

You’ll find the site and Social media have been broken into different topics. Recipes, Tips for better sleep, exercises specific for your goals. Some of the content is password protected. If so, its just not 100% ready for your eyes and will be available soon. 

You are capable of the goals you set out to achieve. Past “failures” can be learning events to help you shape your future and live your life to the fullest. 

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them or send a message.

A little about Curt…

Curt’s FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/curtis.blevins.9

🙏 I feel like I am aging backwards. Grateful for regaining my energy and my belief in self while helping others do the same.

🔥 80 pounds ⬇️ without counting calories, strict diet, or crazy exercise.

⚡️Human energy provider. Utilizing a drinkable technology originally developed for US Navy SEALS to regain energy and lose 80 pounds.

🎬 DM or Text “VIDEO” to (513) 437-1515 for a 5 minute explainer video. Text “FREE” for no hassle food guide.

⚡️ Better Energy

😁 Better Mood

🧘‍♀️ Better Focus

💤 Better Sleep

💪 Better Fat Loss

I gained 100 pounds after leaving the military. Trying to lose that weight was the first time I temporarily lost belief I couldn’t control my own health, both physical and mental. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. I tried every diet, pill, shake, program, fat burner, pre workout, and even some hormone that pregnant women produce in order to aid my weight loss.

Temporary wins would eventually lead to shaky hands, dizziness, stars bouncing in my eyes and the question of “I am worth this?”

I was 15 minutes away from a Dr’s appointment where I was going to be offered 2 pills, one for blood sugar and one for cholesterol. I was 30 years old. WTF???

Luckily on the drive there I had a chance to listen to what I thought at the time was the DUMBEST advice ever! Dude was talking about butter and coconut oils and drinking them! Straight up fat that will kill you and this dude is drinking it. Then he talked about how he felt before and it sounded like me. He talked about all the changes he saw and how he felt like him again. That’s what I wanted, to feel like me again. I remembered all the other dumb things I had tried and thought this might be the dumbest, but I decided I was worth it. I told my Dr to hold off on the prescriptions and that I would be back in 3 months. I haven’t looked back since. That was almost 15 years ago.

Today my goal is to live life to the fullest while helping others find their better fuel. While everyones approach needs to be tailored to them, we can all use better, with or without a diet. What’s your better look like?

80 pounds later I am wondering what comes after a marathon? Ultra, IM, or the PGA tour???

I am not a doctor, nor do I offer medical advice. If you have medical questions, please refer them to your medical provider.


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