Which should you use? Total carbs or Net Carbs?

You can never go wrong with Total Carbs, but that doesn’t mean net carbs can’t be useful. Especially if you know what to look for in the ingredients.

Total carbs – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols = Net Carbs In whole organic foods, this works very well at helping you figure out what the food will do to your blood sugar and what type of insulin response you will have from consuming it. This can change as the food is processed. You can think of it this way. If you eat a piece of celery your body will have a different response than if you take that celery and grind it into a juice with its pulp. Which will also be different if you remove the pulp. Same food, yet 3 different responses the body will have to it just by processing the food.

Sugar alcohol’s also have wildly different responses in the body. Some have 0 effect on blood glucose levels while some are very similar to eating raw sugar. For a more thorough list of sugar alcohols, click below.


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